Working Together

Simple, Profound Transformation with Jan Freethy

therapy with jan freethyWorking with Jan Freethy is likely to be very different from any therapy you’ve done before.

Whatever issue you are trying to resolve, you won’t find yourself spending a lot of time talking about, reliving or rehashing it.  Instead, Jan will guide you through a process that helps you uncover the internal thought process that determines how you structure the problem.  Once that’s clear, you’ll be able to move on and resolve the problem very quickly.

In fact, many clients see profound results in just a session or two.

You’ll be an active participant in your own healing.  Jan works with you, not on you, to resolve your challenges and help you move forward.

Blossom into your full potential.  Contact Jan Freethy today for a free 30-minute consultation or take a look at our upcoming group events.