Reduce Your Stress

This audio file was created to help reduce your stress by placing you in a hypnotic state of ease where you can release day to day stresses. It has been proven that 15 min of Hypnosis is equivalent to 1 hour of sleep.

Caution: Do not listen to this audio file while operating a vehicle

Listen to a FREE SAMPLE of my hypnosis below to get an idea of what the CD can do for you.

Relaxation CD - Jan FreethyHow to Use the Hypnosis Audio File

Steps to releasing stress:
1. Play CD
2. Try to keep your mind open in this process
3. Relax
4. Remember to Breathe
5. Use Frequently


What People Are Saying

It is time to give credit were credit is due. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Jan for creating a CD that has at last allowed my husband to get a good night’s sleep. He has managed PTSD brought on by his military service since 2004. which was the last time he slept through the night. Once he started Listening to Jan’s Reduce Your Stress. Free Your Mind CD. He has stopped waking up and reading half the night away, and improved his mental additide and mood through out the day.

If you are someone or know someone who can’t stay asleep through the night. Do them a favor and if needs be like me. Force them to listen to the CD it will change their life. Thank you Jan. ~ Shelly Dechant


Thank you Jan, your soothing voice has such a calming and relaxing effect on me, I fall asleep more quickly than ever before and wake up feeling positive and refreshed! ~ Stef F, Nanny Paws


It may be surprising that another holistic practitioner is writing a review of a “competitor”, but I have referred clients to Jan, and I myself have been hypnotized by her, even on TV! Jan is very talented beyond hypnosis and fully understands the Human Potential Life Map and how and where people sabotage themselves She helps them move thru it painlessly. Her specialty is PTSD for police and military personnel, but even if your issues aren’t that traumatic she can help you improve your perceived limitations.

Can’t sleep restfully? Her hypno CD will give you the best rest you have had in years! In fact I just referred another client to buy it off her website today. Jan you are awesome!!! ~ Jessy Morrison, Body Talk