What is NLP?

NLP has been in existence for years and taught to Military Leaders and Politicians. NLP is the study of how the mind works and classifications on how people learn and react. These tools have been used for Marketing for decades too. People are now aware that of the idea that people think in patterns. It makes sense.

What is Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis?

Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis needs to be explained to people. Most people can understand that Hypnosis is like a guided meditation. Hypnosis is a a “Do With” process rather than a “Do To” process . Most people only think of Hypnosis as a stage show. This is not true. Open minded people who listen understand that it is actually a scientific process. All Hypnosis is Self Hypnosis. This is a comforting concept.

How is Hypnosis Similar to Yoga?

Yoga has exploded in the last decade. Comparing meditation to Hypnosis is an easy conversion and intrigues people.

How much for an appointment?

Every individual is unique and so are the sessions I offer. Please contact me for further information and we can discuss the process.

What is The Quantum Change Process™?

The Quantum Change Process™ is a highly effective technique for accessing unresolved issues and old core belief systems that are buried in the unconscious, and resolving or letting go of the emotions linked to them. Click here for more detailed information on the background and the process followed in an individual session.